About Us

Andy Pratt and his Raw Juice journey.

Twenty years ago working and traveling around Australia I discovered fresh Juices and Smoothies.

My god they were awesome, refreshing, natural, balanced and energising. The seed was sown, the mould had been cast.

I returned to Ireland and took up a role as General Manager in a sit in Juice Bar in Ranelagh where I got to hoan some skills and develop my passion. From this moment on, unknown to me, my future was set.

Twenty years later I still embrace hard graft and the passion I have for what we do. Our little drinks are testament to that passion.

Raw, Healthy, Natural, balanced flavours is what we are all about. I hope it shines through.


Our Beliefs – A little bit goes into each bottle

Primarily we believe in hard work, fair pay and fair play. We trust that Raw is best, positive health and self-care are all beneficial to our active lifestyles. We know that care and attention to detail on the finest levels make our juices what they are. Keeping it local, taking care of ourselves, each other and the planet. We see the human body as a vehicle and as such we believe that everyone should know what they are putting into their body/vehicle so they can keep it running at an optimal capacity, enabling them to live their best, most active & healthy lifestyles. We disagree strongly with food waste and this is why we tend to use the funny looking carrots, the twisted cucumbers, tiny baby apples and other ingredients that would not be picked out in a supermarket – they are fine, they taste the same and are as nutrient packed as the “perfect” alternative. We want our juices to be consumed as part of an overall healthy lifestyle, not a punishing regime of control but balanced and kind to your body in a sustainable manner. We want you to love our juices as much as we do.


Our Process – What we do & why we do it

Raw Whole Foods - All of The Raw Juice Company drinks are made in Ireland by us, firstly by hand selecting the raw immune boosting ingredients for each blend. We inspect each and every piece of whole fruit, vegetables and herb used to make the drink.  We only use wholefood ingredients to guarantee the most nutrient filled and healthy drinks we can make. We never use purees, stabilizers, concentrates, colours, sugars or flavours to make our juices. Raw wholefoods make the best drinks.

Preparation - We prepare our wholefood ingredients by hand, removing any roots, stems or knobbly bits. Then the ingredients are washed and rinsed to make sure that they are clean and ready to be promoted to a healthy cold pressed juice.

Cold Pressed – There are several methods of extracting juice from fruit and vegetables. The one we use is called the Cold Pressed method where we take our ingredients and grate them down before carefully putting them into a press bag (a special bag that releases liquids while retaining pulps), the press bag is placed in our juice press which then very very slowly puts the bag under pressure, slowly squeezing each and every drop of nutrient rich nectar from the ingredient. The force of the press is set to 9 tons and it takes about 10 minutes to press one bag of prep. The result is the most vibrant, nutrient dense, nourishingly natural functional juices you can make.

Bottling – Once our juices have been extracted and blended to a perfect balance we bottle them immediately, placing the lid on our bottles within seconds of being bottled. We do this to stop any of the nutrients, vitamins and minerals from oxidising/evaporating into the air. We want to keep all the goodness in the bottle for our customers to experience.

HPP –We wanted to make sure the juices are as good for you as is possible. We use a science called HPP which is a hyperbaric chamber that we put food in. The bottles of juice are put into the chamber, the chamber is filled with water and then obscene amounts of pressure are put into the chamber. To put this in relative terms a car tyre once inflated has around 30 bar of pressure in it. The HPP chamber imparts 3,000 bar of pressure on the juice. What this does is it locks in all the goodness and makes sure that any unstable pathogens are killed while keeping the nutritional values of the juices, the flavour, colour and vibrance as vivid as the minute it was pressed. The end result is that our juices are still fresh and bursting with goodness but they now last allot longer so our customers are not under any pressure to drink them all within a tight time frame. This is another example of how we strive to avoid food waste.

Heat Pasteurisation - We do not pasteurise our juices because the transfer of heat in the pasteurisation process cooks off allot of the goodness in the juice and can also change the flavour and reduce the vibrant natural colours of the juice.


Sustainability - Our bottle is made in Ireland, from 30% recycled materials and is 100% recyclable, while our labels are designed by a local designer and printed in Dublin.

Our ingredients are sourced from the local markets and we use off grade stock when available to lesson food waste in general.

The bi-product (fruit and veg pulp) is sent to a farmer in Meath who uses it to create animal feed.

Even our ingredient packaging is compacted and recycled or forwarded on to local schools to be used as art materials.

We also use an industrial shredder to turn it into packaging fillers to protect fragile shipments during transit.

In production, we recycle our water from fruit washing as we wash the produce to lower our water consumption while the bulk of our lighting in our facility is LED to lower our power consumption.

Charity & Community Support - In supporting your health and our planet we have pledged 10c from every bottle of juice sold to home tree charity, a fantastic Irish charity. We are did  this for the months of December ‘21 & January ’22 instead of having fancy gift boxes, more sustainable, earth friendly and well just putting some good out into the planet.


Our Ethos & Values – What makes us tick and excites us daily.

Here at the raw juice company, we all pride ourselves in making exceptional, cold pressed, vibrant drinks that are made with only whole foods and have a positive health function and impact on your lifestyle while being as kind to the environment as possible.

We source our ingredients locally and strive for zero waste in our business.

Our juices are Raw – unheated and bursting with goodness.  Our approach to making our drinks is one of the least amounts of processing as is possible.

We have created each of our blends with health and function in mind, stemming from Rastaf Kuur – The Raw Juice Cure – a 100+ year old philosophy that promotes the consumption of raw fruit and vegetables to alleviate most symptoms and aliments.

We believe in team work, fair pay, fair play and above all else being unquestionably honest in our approach to all aspects of our business. We want to be a trusted pro-juicer of drinks that our customers have absolute faith in.

We constantly improve ourselves and our products in the fashion of Kaizen – a Japanese word meaning to constantly develop and improve the methods of business in a holistic approach – including the entire team.