Your Most Likely Questions….

What is “Cold Pressed”?
Cold Pressing is a method of juicing where the produce is put under pressure to “cold press” the juice out of the ingredients. It means that there is no heat transferred to the ingredients and all the goodness is kept alive.

Do you deliver outside of Dublin?
Yes, we use trusted partner couriers and thermal packaging to ship our juices nationwide. We only ship our juices by courier from Monday to Thursday.

Do you offer specific drop off times for my delivery?
We will always do our best to suit a customer’s schedule and needs but it is not always possible to work to a specific timed delivery.

What if I am not at home for the delivery?
All orders capture our customers name address and phone number, from this we can give you a call if you are not home and you can let us know the best place to leave your order for you.

How long will it take to get my juices?
Typically, if you order between Monday to Thursday, it will take about two days from the point of ordering to receive your juices. If you are outside of Dublin we will send them to you by courier in thermally protective packaging that will keep them fresh for 48 hours. We do not ship our juices out by courier on a Friday for orders outside of Dublin. 

I am having a problem with my order, what should I do?
Please send us an email via the contact button explaining the issue and we will get it resolved for you as quickly as possible.

Do you sell vouchers?
Yes, we do. We love to  see people gifting healthy products to friends, family & colleagues.

How long will the juices last? What is the Shelf Life?
When we pack our juices for delivery, we try to have at least two weeks shelf life on them. If you need a longer shelf life just let us know and we will try to pick stock with the shelf life you require. Our juices are HPP’d to help them last longer.

Do your juices need to be refrigerated?
Yes, absolutely. As they are a fresh, cold pressed, natural juice, they need to be kept below 6 degrees at all times to keep them fresh and full of goodness.

Which pack is best for me?
All our juice packs are full of nutrients and minerals so you will feel great after all of them. Let your taste buds guide you. We have a selection of packs and you can pick and choose what you want in them. Our “All Veg Pack” is bursting with energy. Our 15 x 250ml Pack is full of Vitamin C to replenish and boost your immune system. The Health Shot (12) Pack is a great way to kick start your day and boost your energy.

Can I change the contents of a pack?
Yes, as long as the final value of the pack is the same as the original value. Just put a note on your order stating which juices you would like to swap for which alternative juices.

Should I drink the juices in a particular order?
There is no order in which to drink the juice in but we have found that the lighter juices are best in the morning, paired with your breakfast and the more savoury ones later in the day with a snack or your lunch. They are also perfect for on the go! – that’s just our tastes though. Go with what you like best.

Are your juices and shots a meal replacement?
Absolutely not. We have designed these healthy drinks to complement a healthy lifestyle. They are to be enjoyed with healthy food as part of a balanced fuel source.

Are your juices pasteurised?
We never heat our juices for pasteurisation, as this cooks off all the goodness. Instead we use a technology called HPP (High Pressure Processing) to lock in all the goodness. The process places our bottles of juice in cold water and imparts a huge amount of pressure on the juices to kill of any pathogens while keeping the nutritional composition of the drinks intact.

Are your bottles recyclable?
Yes, they are 100% recyclable. Our 250ml bottle is also made from 30% recycled materials. Saving the planet one healthy drink at a time.

Are your juices allergen free?
Our juices are allergen free, however we do handle nuts and honey in our premises but these are kept well away from our juice kitchen to avoid cross contamination.

My juices have separated, is this, ok?
Yes, its perfectly fine, just give them a shake to blend all the ingredients back together. Separation is a perfectly natural process with cold pressed juices, in fact it’s a great indicator that the juices are as natural as possible and don’t contain any binding agents.

Do you add anything to your juices?
Our juices are hand made with care, attention and a large amount of honesty.  Each juice we make contains only the ingredients listed on the bottle – wholefood ingredients = whole fruit, veg, herbs and leaves. We never add sweeteners, purees, binding agents, syrups or anything unnatural.

I am a business owner and would like to stock your juices, do you supply wholesale?
Yes, we do. If you would like to open a wholesale account with us, please reach out via the Contact button and we can send you out the relevant information.